Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Welcome! It’s always exciting starting a new blog – we’ve much to say in the coming weeks and months but in our first blog we felt it very apt to look at how Cor came about as we wouldn’t we be here writing to you otherwise!

In the beginning

Cor was founded by Jennifer McKinley, a business woman, who became frustrated with the state of the beauty industry and went on a personal mission to simultaneously solve her own and the frustrations of many a consumer.

The unsolicited rave reviews that followed confirmed that Jennifer had found a formula for skin care that actually works instead of making false claims and promises.

As word of mouth spread among consumers, retailers and beauty editors demand for Cor began to appear from all corners of the globe and with that the understanding that Cor works equally well on a diverse range of skin types (age, gender, race).

How? We deliver at-home results with a highly edited line of products that are typically only achieved in a professional setting.  We don’t make bold claims but rather trust in the effectiveness of the products.  As we say “the proof is in the pudding” and every day we learn of new Cor “evangelists” around the globe.

A young company – just three years old – Cor is increasingly establishing itself throughout the world. Launching in two highly sought after outlets – Bliss and Stanley Korshak – and winning awards in the year of its launch such as Best Normal Skin Cleanser by the readers of Self magazine, it became very clear from the outset that Jennifer had tapped a latent need among women and men alike.

No longer just based in the US, we're now here in the UK to look after you.

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