Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cor lands on the high street and sells out!

No sooner had it arrived in store, our Silver Soap completely sold-out with savvy shoppers looking to swap their time consuming beauty routine’s for a one-step wonder bar. Having previously only been available online, our first foray into the high street arena has been an unbelievable success with a sales uplift of over 1500%.

The Silver Soap, 30g in its travel case
The highly versatile beauty bar, which retails at £35, can be used to replace a whole host of every day skincare essentials including your cleanser, toner and exfoliator, with the additional benefits of offering sun protection, treating acne, soothing eczema, reducing pigmentation and providing great anti-ageing benefits to the skin.

In a recent consumer test 92% of people who tried it said they would recommend Cor for its ability to treat problem skin.

And that’s not all, we have just discovered that the Cor Silver Eye Cream is enjoying equal success and also seems to be flying off the shelves in John Bell & Croyden. Fashion presenter and MTV star Louise Roe is the latest celebrity to reveal via Vanity Fair (US) that the Cor Silver Eye Cream is on the top of her shopping list.

The Cor Eye Cream brightens tired eyes with a combination of essential peptides, macadamia seed oil, rosehip oil plus stabilized Vitamins C and E.

If you've never been to John Bell & Croyden it's an institutional 'must visit' place which as a London Pharmacy has over 15,000 Beauty, Wellbeing and Healthcare products available and have been in the business for over 200 years.

John Bell & Croyden can be found at:
50-54 Wigmore Street 

New Silver Soap stock is already out on the shop floor with more Cor Eye Cream on it's way.

Alternatively The Silver Soap is available now from Cor's webstore priced £35 for 30g as is the Cor Eye Cream.

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