Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hyaluronic Acid - this month's hot beauty ingredient according to Natural Beauty

This month's 'Hot Beauty Ingredient' in Natural Beauty (Natural Product Magazine - September 2012) the focus is on Hyaluronic Acid (HA), "the naturally-produced water-holding molecule in the connective tissue of the Body." 

"Just one gram of HA holds about six litres of water. Think of how the skin of a very young baby looks - it won't even create a scar if cut or scratched."

The piece goes on to say: "That's what Hyaluronic Acid does. It is nature's healing agent and scaffolding or "space filler" for the skin, hair, eyes and joints."

The article by Viridian recommends you 'give HA 90 days and you will come to regard it as nature's moisturiser'.

We couldn't agree more with Viridian, the leading name in ethical nutrition and beauty and why you will find HA in Cor The Silver Soap.

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