Monday, December 31, 2012

Phew....what a year!

As the sounds of Big Ben move ever closer, and the revellers gather on the streets we thought we would take a few moments to pause and reflect on the year behind us...

It's been immense, it's been incredible and it filled us full of excitement and thanks to all of you.

First of all our Silver Soap has bowled people over.  From bloggers to the press and more importantly from you guys, we have received praise after praise for our little ball of wonder! We found out just how many stars and celebs chose Cor Silver Soap to make their skin glow. We appeared in many "best of" lists and Christmas Stocking guides. Too many to mention.

What else? Oh yes, hearing from all of you. All year you have emailed or called us letting us know how our Silver Soap has changed your life. We have helped your skin shine and glow. We have helped some of you with skin issues. We have helped you exfoliate, cleanse and generally feel great about your skin.

Here's what some of you had to say...
Avril told us that "It has made a big difference to my life as I am not self conscious any more and feel more confident about people seeing my hands, whereas I used to hide them away before"

Sian got in touch to say " Cor soap is an amazing product" which "leaves my skin feeling illuminated "

The final word can go to Hilary who said that "my skin loves the soap" and " this is a must have skin product, it smells wonderful and feels so good on the skin"

Remember, If you have something to say then drop us a line and let us know how our Silver Soap has changed your life.

2012 was also the year we built some long lasting friendships with exclusive partners across the UK.  For example, when Harvey Nichols chose us for their beauty range and we kept selling out....we have to say this was one of our highlights!

People have also been really lovely and patient while we have been scaling up over the year. From blogger to journalist, to partner to customer you have all been there throughout 2012 and we can't wait for 2013.


So we can only say that we wish everyone a Happy New Year and let's all start 2013 with a Foam, Rinse and GLOW





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