Thursday, January 17, 2013

Announcing our fantastic new competition with some awesome tips from Beauty Shortlist!

Announcing our New Year competition with some fantastic top skincare tips from our friend Fiona from The Beauty Shortlist


It's2013 and we couldn't be any more excited, and one of the things that is awesome about a New a new Skincare regime to really help us glow into Spring! So we were thinking, what would be the greatest help to a new Skincare regime?

Well, one of our Orange Balls of Wonder of course! So we have decided to give one way. Yes that's right a full 120g Big Ball of Silver Soap to one lucky person out there! (That's £100 in value as if you didn't know)

So how shall we do this? Well first of all take time to read Fiona's awesome tips below. She really shares her expertise and it's great stuff. Then we will tell you how to enter at the bottom...

So...over to Fiona



5 Ways to Keep Winter Skin Happy


Skin is our largest living, breathing organ – it loves water and oxygen and hates stress, smoking, sugar, too much salt and not enough sleep!  And it’s good at telling us when it’s not happy: out come the breakouts, dry patches, redness, the dark circles…goodbye healthy glow, hello dull skin.


It also “shifts” with the seasons. Winter in particular can be a tough time for skin – it has to deal with changes in temperature from outside to inside, central heating and icy winds and this is the classic season for eczema flare-ups.  Here are 5 ways to look after your skin, and keep it healthy, PH-balanced and happy, so it looks after you until spring arrives:



 Glycolic Acid-based exfoliators are really effective but GA products (which ‘take off’ skin’s top layer) can be too much for blemish-prone, younger skin, causing more problems than solutions. Plus, aggressive exfoliation with abrasive products can cause miniscule tears in our skin and in turn accelerate ageing.



Read the labels on your daily skincare products’ labels to make sure they don’t have “hidden” exfoliating ingredients in them - you could be overdosing on the exfoliation on a daily basis without even realising it by using three or four products that actually contain exfoliators in them. The word “exfoliator” may not be in the product name but AHAs or GA for example, could be in the product.



 Sericin, which is in Cor Silver Soap is a high molecular weight, water-soluble glycoprotein isolated from silk. OK off with the white scientist’s coat, what it actually does is binds immediately to hair or skin, forming a protective film to combat dehydration and it’s also been shown to have skin-tightening/anti-wrinkle effects, two nice added extras for more mature skin.



What if there was something that holds up to 1,000 times its own weight in water? Ten years ago, HA was a buzzword among and facialists.  Today, HA is one of the new skincare heroes and if you find facial oils a bit heavy , or your moisturiser seems to be under-performing, a silky HA-based serum can work wonders.  Cor Silver Soap contains antibacterial silver and Hyaluronic Acid too,  another reason Cor goes way beyond just cleansing – it’s a moisture magnet.



 Do you bask in a 24C centrally-heated pad at weekends? Work in an office full of radiators? Keeping a small mineral water/diluted rose or orange blossom water spritzer bottle handy is a good idea so you can mist your skin with “mini drinks” during the day



 So there you have it. Some amazing ways to take care of your skin. Want more? Well over at Facebook all our friends are sharing their own tips. So if you want to get yourself a big Orange ball of Wonder then head over to our Facebook Page and share your own Skincare tips with us. Fiona will choose the best one in a month and a large 120g Cor Silver Soap could appear magically at your door.


Well, what are you waiting for? Go and take a look and enter your beauty tip now

Win Cor Silver





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