Friday, June 14, 2013

J&J Downing LOVE Cor!

We are proud to announce that J&J Downing Beauty Salon have recently become a newly approved Cor outlet.

J&J Downing, in Nottingham, was founded in 1969 and have since provided hair and beauty services to many. Over the years they have built up an extremely dedicated client base, even having clients travel from the USA to visit the salon.

Kerry Downing, the owner of the salon told me about a particularly faithful customer (pictured below) saying 'he has been coming for 43 years' and not only that but his wife and children are also loyal customers, his eldest son of 16 has been visiting the salon since he was a baby.

When speaking to Kerry I could tell that she was so enthusiastic about her job. She was excited to tell me that she had recently had a new client that came to her for the first time and afterwards she was so impressed with her hair and the service that she got that she shortly came back in with a thank you card.
Kerry expressed 'It is things like this that make our chosen career worthwhile!'

The salon has only just started to sell Cor but Kerry has already had some great reviews and repeat business from clients. They just can't get enough!

Kerry is also a user of Cor herself and when I asked her about the Silver Soap she said 'it truly is a most fantastic product.' However she didn't stop there a few of the other words that Kerry used when talking about Cor were 'remarkable' 'wonderful' and 'beneficial' so I think it's safe to say she is a fan.

We are so happy to have J&J Downing on board and are happy to welcome them to the world of Cor!

Watch out for our next blog to find out more about one of our other secret sellers. 

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