Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Silver in Cor Silver - History

So here at Cor we were thinking and we realised that we most definitely hadn't told you enough about the key ingredient in our Cor products. Silver.

Therefore we decided that we are going to do a series of blog posts focussing on the benefits of the essential ingredient so that you guys know exactly why it's so fundamental.

We thought we would start with a little bit of history. Don't panic it will only be a little bit we promise!

Silver has always been used because of its unusual strengths even since the start of civilisation. Along time ago people would engrave prayers onto silver stones to deliver a message to other worlds.
Silver is still believed to stimulate energy and when it is on the body it helps to accumulate more energy. This in turn helps to avoid lethargic tendencies and keep concentrated.

Throughout history silver has been used to fight infections. Starting in the 1800's silver like mercury was used as a medicine, primarily an antiseptic. Silver nitrate solution however is still used as an eye drop for newborns to prevent eye infections.
At the beginning of the 20th century surgeons surgeons started to use silver sutures to reduce the risk of infection and physicians eye drops containing silver to treat opthalmic problems, for other various infections and sometimes even internally for disease.

Now I think thats enough for today, don't want to overwhelm you.  But next time we will look a bit more closely at the health benefits of Collodial Silver.

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